Friday, June 20, 2014

Reader Friday: Share A Tip!

Note: Reader Friday apologizes for being woefully tardy in posting today.  Not that it's any excuse, but it was well into Friday that Reader Friday realized that it was, in fact, Friday.

Anyhoo, please share any useful writing tips you have learned of late.


  1. I attended an amazing workshop called "Beyond Structure" by screenwriter David Freeman, and picked up some great tips for deepening characters and creating empathy. You can check out the site at

  2. Better late than never.

    No worries, Kathryn. This happens to me all the time. Just think: If I didn't add this comment you would have had the lowest comment score ever on TKZ. That would be one comment, and then you had to add that one comment to your own post. Good grief! It's come to this.

    But thanks for the link. I may be the only one who follows it. Cheers!