Friday, January 10, 2014

Reader Friday: One Year From Now

Go forward a year from now. 

Look back. 

What is it that you are proudest of?


  1. I made goals and stuck to them. A first.

    I created a website and posted faithfully. Finished my novel, went to a writers conference, pitched to an agent, sold my book. Not to the agent I pitched to, but that's okay. Goals and plans are two separate aims.

    Strange, though. I gave myself a month off my routine over the Christmas holidays, which turned into two months, and now I'm having a hell of a time getting back into the swing. It's like starting all over.

  2. In a year? I'll probably have died and become a zombie. In which case I'd have a list of people to bite.

    Seriously, after years of dealing with various problems, I'm keeping my hopes small. I plan to finish at least one short story and write some more poems. If I could work on a novel-project and keep going on it for more than 2 months, that would be grand, but I'm not sure I believe that will happen.

    Nissa from

  3. In one year. I will have my website up, my second, third, and fourth book done, I will have a one novella and several short stories. I will be selling books (indie) regularly.

  4. I made my 2013 goals which was to expand my network and get on the radar of some professionals.

    2014 - finish my Claymore novel and be querying it. I hope to be agented by the end of the year.

    2014 - write the serial novel for my little newspaper and have the paper in much better shape than it is now, release that serial as an ebook

    2014 - I will be rid of a piece of property that has been vexing me and sucking up way to much energy.

    2014 - meet at least one more TKZer at a conference.

  5. I wrote every day and finished a book that I'm truly proud of. Baby steps, baby steps!

    1. Plus, I wish to add one of Teri's look-back-upons, the one about a vexing piece of property. It sucks up way too much time, and with all the bizarre weather events of the past few years (two hurricanes plus an icy Snowmageddon), I'm sure my insurance company would like for me to be rid of it, as well!

  6. That I wrote and published three more novels, two more in my Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter series and the second in my Crystal White series, and indie-published twelve titles--either short stories, novellas or collections--over the twelve months of 2014.

  7. Meet my writing goals for the year! Also if I can actually stick to my word count goals everyday I will be very proud (having never done this before!)

  8. I'll look back and see I really did get in and "Wade in the Water!" And I kept "comin' on, comin' on through"...Persistence...not giving up...following that illusive dream...yep...persistence that will be what I see when I look back...

  9. Surviving two book releases and writing the third and getting it in on time.

    And reading a year's worth of Kill Zone.

  10. I will have three books up and running.

    I will have multiple author websites up and running.

    I will have attended Buchercon2014 and met all of you.

    I will be looking forward to attending Thrillerfest 2015 and I won't be going empty handed.

  11. Well, I’ve thought about this and since I have a Time Machine of my own, it would kind of be cheating. But I am willing to dig in and give some advice to you folks here.

    1. JSB – Turn left at Rosemont, you’ll know when the time comes
    2. Clare – It will wash out, and they will remember the lesson more than the pain
    3. Jodie – Yes, that cat was following you
    4. Kathryn – Don’t look under the table
    5. PJ – Try the potato pancakes next time
    6. Joe M. – a larger caliber might be in order, and remember to use cover and concealment
    7. Nancy – The sailboat has a secret room, don’t get caught looking
    8. Jordan – Center mass, always aim for center mass, and don’t forget the Spaghetti-Ohs
    9. Elaine – Rice and beans, with a nice Cabernet and sunset snuggle, he’ll really appreciate it
    10. Joe H. – That wasn’t chicken
    11. Mark A. – Avoid, no scratch that, run away from that shadow in the alley. He doesn’t obey the laws.
    12. Terri – Keep trying, the truck will start before the chainsaw does, trust me.
    13. Montana Jim – Yes, you actually did see that wolf stand up on two legs…and yes, running would be good, as would silver bullets
    14. Amanda – Roll with the wave, then hard a starboard, guns up and brake for the butterflies

    And what will I be proud of at the end of 2014?
    I could say that I will be published by a major publisher, have a movie optioned, win an Audie award and gotten my lovely wife a new Porsche Cayenne…but even if those happen that wouldn’t come close to what I’d be most proud of, because over-shadowing all that I have a son about to earn his Eagle Scout, another who just got promoted to Chef de Cuisine, and a third who is working on a scholarship in robotics and nano-tech. Nothing I could do or achieve could out do those fellas, so I’ll just leave it there.

  12. And to step back a few days this video may be my crowning achievement of 2014...if all else fails...

    Montana Jim's Basil Reading Without Breathing Challenge...Accepted

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