Friday, April 19, 2013

Reader Friday: Does writing make you happy?

Let's take a break from all the heavy news today, shall we? And ponder this question: Does writing make you happy?


  1. Giving it a moment of thought, I can see why this question was asked.

    Those moments when I'm at home and I think "I should write." Those are the moments when I would say no, cause so often I don't break out the paper or the computer and write. But those times when I'm stuck at the airport, or on the plane, or at the coffee shop and I do write, I find that I am happy.

    When am I happiest about writing? When I go back and read what I've written. That satisfaction that "yeah, I can write, I can do it" that's happiness write there.

    Ultimately, I'd have to say, Yep, I'm happy when I write. When I actually get around to doing it.

  2. Yes, definitely! For me, once I get going it's like being in a trance. While writing I often forget to eat or sleep until way after I should have done those things. Maybe I need therapy?

  3. Sweet magnolia cupcakes this was a big week. Not only in the world news, but we just found out we're moving to Puerto Rico! 0_0

    Yes, writing makes me very happy. It's an escape, a discipline, an obsession.

    1. "Sweet magnolia cupcakes" will become my new favorite phrase, Elizabeth! Love that!

  4. Yes and no. When I block out all the writing "You Musts", the blitz of growing pains in the industry, the never ending stream of business skills you are constantly called upon to develop (all of which I realize are important)--really block out all that stuff and think JUST about my story, then yes, writing makes me very happy.

    It is so very enjoyable to plot and plan and scheme your novel then write it. Even re-write it. It's all the other stuff that goes with writing that makes it un-fun.

  5. Writing doesn't necessarily make me happy as it makes me feel relief. From my busy brain to my fingertips, and then to product on screen, for some reason I feel accomplished, and that's what makes me happy.

  6. I don't know if happy is the right word. I get satisfaction from writing, and I (usually) enjoy it. Happy? I don't know. Spending time with my family makes me happy. Playing with the dog makes me happy. Certain music can make me happy. Writing is different.

  7. I am hedonistically happy when I'm writing. I am demonically depressed when I'm re-writing.

  8. Happy Happy Joy Joy!
    Happy Happy Joy Joy!

    Pen in Hand, Happy Man
    It's Storytime & I Feel Fine

    Jot a Dot
    Whittle a Tittle
    Bridle a Title
    Sit with Me
    And Listen a Little

    I'll Bend Your Ear
    We'll Leap Through Years
    Feeling the Fears
    Flashing the Smiles
    Wiping the Tears

    Telling Tales
    Never Fails
    To Cure What Ails
    And Fill My Sails

    In Writing I've Found
    Joy Unbound
    I'll share it Around

    Scriptus Bombastic
    Bark like a Mastif
    Writing's Fantastic

    I Rub My Job....


    And to answer your question, yeah...kinda...

    writing's okay, if that's what you're into.

    ya know...

    1. You never disappoint, Basil. Thanks for this. 8-)

  9. Writing, if I'm processing without the filter, is like uncorking a bottle of pent-up Fizzy Lifting Drink. It needs to bubble out, rise to the top and lift me up. But when, and it must, the editing comes out, and the words are all out there waiting to be sent out to someone who will evaluate their goodness for publication, I'm quite sure I should go back to selling shoes, like I did out of college. It's so much less personal if a person likes the Mary Janes I suggested or not.

  10. I'm having more fun now than ever before. Even my muses (aka banshees) are happy and have holstered their tasers...I'm unloading the stories in my head to the printed page, guys, so let up, will you!

  11. Yes, writing is like a release valve for me. When the writing goes good, I feel good. Great poem, Basil!

  12. I love to write but even more than that is I need to write. It is, for a passion and at times a pain. When I share something with my critique group or writers' groups and they say mostly good things, I feel elated. I love creating characters, discovering where they live, who they are, what makes them and then torturing them unmercifully.

  13. Joe stole my answer. While I won't say that I don't love to write, I will say that I love to have written.

    1. Me too, Jake. The actual writing is a labor of love, but nothing like having written.

  14. Happiness is always a by-product of fulfilling action. Yeats wrote, "Who can tell the dancer from the dance?" When I am in this state of mind as a writer, I am "in the zone" of fulfilling action. Afterward, realizing how much time has passed without my knowing it, I realize that I have been and am, almost parenthetically, happy. But it can't last, nor should it. If it did, why would I get up the next day and keep writing?

  15. Writing makes me happy like nothing else in the world.

  16. Writing takes my into another world, an escape. When all my day is busy in the corporate world, writing reacquaints me with my characters, their troubles, and off we go...