Friday, January 25, 2013

Reader Friday: It's Never Too Late

"It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot (1819 - 1880).

True for you?


  1. I'm counting on it.

    There are a few things it's too late for me to be -- like an FBI agent or a stunt car driver. And I'm no longer interested in being a lawyer, because while I still find the cerebral challenge appealing, I gave up pantyhose and uncomfortable clothes a long time ago.

    But, until my arthritis completely takes over and my eyesight is gone, I can still be a writer, right?

    And I'd still like to sing with a jazz band, so I'm not taking that off the list quite yet.

  2. My Goals & Potential Do-Overs by year of desire starting at age 6:

    1974-1988: US Marine Officer
    Career Outcome: busted ankles within 6 months of service
    Pass/Fail: Fail
    Do Over probability: Zero...unless USMC Commandant personally asks for me to come other words, ZERO

    1986-1989: Mercenary / Legionnaire (yeah, really. I spoke passable French at the time and it was realistic...sorta)
    Outcome: Broke ankles in USMC...lucky me Foreign Legion was out question
    Pass/Fail: Fail...and alive because of it
    Do Over Probability: NOT!! with age comes wisdom...and achy joints

    1979-Present: Professional Actor
    Outcome: Took a while, but finally hit it with Audiobook productions starting in 2006
    Do Over Probability: Uh...I am what I am!

    1980-1990Stand Up Comic
    Outcome: Dozen shows before they knew I was under 21 and fired me
    Pass/Fail:PASS-got call back from Seattle Improv Club agent who may have jetted me to stardom but was already enlisted to USMC
    Do Over Probability: Not Likely..but Did it & Liked it

    1988-1994 Restauranteur
    Outcome: Did it till I burned out
    Pass/fail: Pass
    Do Over Probability: Maybe...but not likely...I'll just have really well fed get-together dinners with friends & neighbors

    1994-1999: Next DELL/GATEWAY
    Outcome: MKS Computers...almost competed with Dell/Gateway/CompUSA..ran out of Capital
    Pass/Fail: Fail...but damn it was fun...
    Do Over Probability: NOT!! All my grey came from this venture...

    1996-2000:Macho Tough Guy
    Outcome: Logger/Carpenter/Guy who could carry 300lb logs on my shoulder without looking like it took any effort
    Pass/Fail: Pass...but damn that was hard
    Do Over Probability: NOT!!...really it was hard...hurt me & my joints ache forever kind of hard

    2000-Present: Government IT Nerd
    Outcome: GS12 Senior IT Specialist
    Pass/Fail: PASS
    Do Over Probability: huh? Still doin' it!

    2006-Present: Writer
    Outcome: 4 Novels, 1 Novella, 20 Shorts
    Pass/Fail: PASS!!
    Do Over Probability: Love it / Love it / Love it! Plan to write till I die!

    2008-Present: Audiobook Narrator
    Outcome: 20 hired audiobooks, and contracts as far as I can see..
    Pass/Fail: PASS!!
    Do Over Probability: Fully Immersed At This Very Moment! I Love pretending to be other people who completed all the things I failed at completing.

    2006-Present:World Famous Radio Talk Show Host
    Outcome: Did it...well...okay...kinda world famous cuz there's some folk in New Zealand and UK and even one guy in Sri Lanka who listened to my show a couple times and said "Dude, you are famous!" with a thick accent
    Pass/Fail: Pass
    Do Over Probability: If I Ever get a full time contract to write/record books I will fill my spare moments with this dream yet to be completed

    2013-Future: World's Most Famously Lusted After Over 40 Male Stripper
    Outcome: What? By 2014 membership in Chippendale's Guys will require a minimum 42 inch waist... Serious...Fat is the new Sexy
    Pass/Fail: PASS..well, at I'll think I did if anyone at all were to at least whistle as they pass buy me on the street, rather then leaving me feeling desolate and rejected lying in the nothing but my you even imagine how cold it is to wear a thong in Alaska in January...
    Do Over Probability: well...I was just checking to see if you would actually read this far or not...and no...the tryouts alone were too traumatizing...for the judges.

  3. Basil, sounds like you hit your stride in the 2000's. 8-)

    I certainly hope it's never too late. There's more writing to do. I still want to learn to play banjo, draw, and paint.

    They are possible. I never dreamed that at 46, as a woman who has never so much as watched a boxing match, that I would take up boxing and kickboxing (can we say greatest stress buster ever????) but I love it and I'm working on getting in really good shape. So if it's possible to whip these bones into shape, then the other stuff is doable too.

    Here's to everyone checking off all the things on their bucket list! 8-)

    BK Jackson

  4. The best is yet to come. I'm really glad in many ways that I'm no longer 20 something. Although I wish I had the young, strong body back. At 58 I'm happy pursuing my writing career, love my counseling job, and have come to enjoy working out on the elliptical at the gym. George was a wise woman.

  5. I have carried this stupid little poem in my wallet for 30 years:

    I'd rather be a could be
    If I couldn't be an are
    for a could be is a maybe
    with a chance of reaching par.
    I'd rather be a has been
    than a might have been, by far
    for a might have been has never been
    but a has was once an are.

    1. Love this. I'm going to put this in my wallet. Right next to:

      Listen to the mustn't, child,
      Listen to the don'ts
      Listen to the shouldn'ts
      The impossibles, the won'ts
      Listen to the Never Haves
      Then listen close to me--
      Anything can happen, child
      Anything can be.

      Good old Shel.

    2. I love both of these, PJ and Amanda. I think they both belong on my bulletin board!

  6. I'm going to say yes and no.

    When I first read the quote, I took it to mean your personality. I don't know if any one else thinks about this as much as I do, but I consciously try to be a better person. Get less stressed out about things that I can't control; less angry with the people who have hurt me, and move on; more understanding of people who are different from me.

    My answer to this is yes, I've made excellent progress in this area of my life.

    As for the other stuff, that's a slow work in progress, but I am very close. I am ever striving towards the person I want to be.

  7. Absolutely. In many ways, I feel as if I am in my 20s. I'll just keep plugging away until I can't anymore. The last thing I want to do is sit on a bus that's going on a leaf tour or anywhere else, actually.

    1. My mind tells me I'm still twenty-something sometimes. But then my body tells me otherwise sometimes. Things that shouldn't usually be stiff all to often are, and things that should...uh, never mind.

      Mrs. points out that Dr. Oz declares us finally average...but, but, but...

  8. Yep. Just self-published my debut novel, BABY GRAND, an idea I've had for about 20 years. It's never too late. :)

  9. Oh yes, since my 20s, I have reinvented myself every 7 years or so. I just did it again by going back and picking up a new career. And then there's that writing thing . . . Also, in my 30s I decided that I wanted to be eccentric when I grow up. Duh! Winning!