Monday, October 15, 2012

On the Move

by Clare Langley-Hawthorne

So my family and I are about to embark on yet another adventure - just two years after coming back to Australia (after 15 years away) we are now heading back to the USA - to Denver this time - and I am up to my eyeballs in organization and packing (which may or may not explain my current dazed state!). Thankfully final revisions to my manuscript are done and have met with my agent's approval so, at least on the writing front, things are more or less out of my hands. Apart from that, however, chaos reigns! 

We are all very excited about the move and I'm especially looking forward to getting back into the writing community and attending some writing conferences next year. So my question for you all (as I raise my head above the parapet of boxes) is which conferences do you think are the most worthwhile? I've attended many in the past but I confess I've lost track of most of them by now and it would be great to get feedback from you all on which you attended, which you thought were great (or not so great...), and why. 

I've already got Bouchercon down on my list - though I do find it a little large and overwhelming - but other than that I'm wide open as to options. My current manuscript is a YA one with a historical/fantasy bent but I also hope to have a traditional mystery out by early next year too.

So I'd love you all to weigh in on some of the conference options - then I can get even more excited about my return to the USA!


  1. Clare, take a look at Left Coast Crime 2013. It's not as big as B-con but plenty of time to get to know and chat up fellow writers. Has a very comfy, laid back style to it.

  2. Thanks JJ - I've been to one left coast crime (3 years ago) and enjoyed it - I'll check it out for 2013.

    1. It's in Colorado Springs, Clare. A serious contender & a short drive from Denver.

  3. Clare, I would definitely put ThrillerFest on your calendar. July 10-13 in NYC. Anne Rice is the 2013 ThrillerMaster, and the spotlight guests include Michael Connelly, T. Jefferson Parker and Michael Palmer.

  4. Well, I can plug my own conference on which I'm on the board...The Alaska Writer's Guild Conference in Sept right here in Anchorage. There's also the Kachemak Bay Writer's Workshop in Homer. Both pretty well attended and both in our lovely paradise state.

    Who knows, perhaps I could convince the other board members to have you, or any of the other TKZ staff, to come up as a presenter if you're interested.

  5. I can't speak to the conference issue but bless you as you tackle another move. To me, that's one of the most stressful events in life, which must be doubly so for the distance you are going.

  6. BK, thanks! It is stressful indeed but we are excited so that's good. Thanks Jordan and Joe. I think Left Coast is too close to miss and Thrillerfest sounds awesome. Basil, Alaska sounds cool - but I'd have to think about that:)

  7. Killer Nashville! It's still on the smaller side, and the organizers are really nice. The sessions were good too.

  8. Never been to killer Nashville - will have to check it out!

  9. I second Killer Nashville! This year I got to meet Jeffery Deaver and Peter Straub. It is a smaller con that still packs a big punch. Hope to see you there.