Thursday, October 4, 2012

Apologies for the System Failure...

by Michelle Gagnon

I arrived in Cleveland for Bouchercon last night around 11:30pm after an insufferable series of layovers and general travel woes, and was up until 2 am trying to post a fascinating, insightful blog about marketing with a traditional publisher. Of course, the internet in my room doesn't work (inexplicably, neither does HBO).
So instead, now that I've finally managed to log on, I'll leave a much more abbreviated post on Bcon Cleveland so far...

Firstly, I sold a house today! Yes, in between panels and wireless struggles, I managed to close a deal. It's bittersweet, really- the first house I ever owned, and the one where my daughter spent the first three years of her life. Lots of good memories there, but some more recent, bad ones too. So all in all, I'm pleased to be moving on.

Great Young Adult panel today with our own Jordan Dane, Joelle Charbonneau, and Bev Irwin. We laughed, we cried, we discussed sex and violence (and the lack thereof) and John Gilstrap threw peanuts from the back row (not really, but I could tell he was considering it). 

Sadly, the bookroom did not manage to stock my books. It's kind of a post-apocalyptic bookroom, there's a mere scattering of books at every table. I've never seen anything like it.

On the plus side, I scored an ARC of TWELVE by Justin Cronin in my book bag. So apparently I'll be up all night reading instead of logging time on a bar stool.

Ate lunch with Alyson Gaylin, Martyn Waites, Deborah Crombie, and Wallace Stroby. Great food here so far, although I'm not entirely convinced that my lamb burger was made of lamb. 

Side note: there's a casino next to the hotel. Every window is branded with the following: SMOKING PROHIBITED. WEAPONS NOT ALLOWED. Who knew they were so strict here?

Tonight is the opening ceremony at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, and of course I forgot to pack my Led Zeppelin T-shirt. 

Did I mention that I sold my house? Still slightly giddy over it.


  1. Okay. So better late than never. And what can I say? The last time I was in Cleveland was 1963. What can I say?

    This weekend in Missoula, Montana, we are celebrating our Festival of the Book. It's a great event with informative sessions and a super-duper book-selling section.

    In the past we've had loads of writing stars visit (C.J. Box, Maile Malloy, etc.) as well as the local cast of Usual Suspects. And every year we enjoy listening to James Lee Burke read aloud for an hour or so. There's nothing better.

    So, next year, come see us in Missoula.

  2. Congrats on the house sale Michelle! Always good to get stuff like that off the back.

    Sounds like lots of fun down there at B-Con. Wish I could be there, enjoy the panels and the fellowship and the throngs of adoring fans trying to get pictures with you.

    Have Fun!

  3. You are a dynamo, Michelle--congratulations on the house! And, seriously? "Weapons not allowed"? I don't think I've ever seen that posted before, even in LA.

  4. Pfft . . . welcome to the Midwest. That is posted at every coffee shop, post office, and Hallmark store.

    I had really wanted to be at Boucheron this year but had a conflict. I am going to a nifty little conference in Houston the following weekend as a consolation prize.

    Have fun and congrats on the house!

  5. I missed the no weapons sign. Interestingly enough, when Jordan Dane, Bev Irwin and I went into the casino last night looking for a restaurant, they searched Jordan's and Bev's purses and left me alone. Let's just say they had it backwards. Anyway, it was great to see you Michelle, and congratulations on the house sale and the new beginnings!