Friday, December 18, 2009

My Bad Self Redux

Well, dear readers, this is the last time we'll be chatting for the next couple of weeks, so I thought I'd finish the thread I started a while ago, when I wrote about needing a new bad-ass photo of myself for Hostage Zero, coming next summer.
There were a couple of other options that we rejected, and this is where we ended up. Frankly, I like this one. I think it looks authorly, but more importantly, I think it looks like me. I've given up on the thought that my photo might actually sell books, but at least this one should do no harm.
I hope you all take time to hug your families in the nexet couple of weeks, and for those who are separated from family for whatever reason, I wish you all a blessed peace and fulfilling reunion in the near future.
Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. God, it appears you've just beaten up one of Santa's elves and are sitting on the bench outside his office...

    Merry Christmas, JG

  2. Obviously, someone who was posing with you got scared of your bad self and got off that couch just as the picture was taken. So I'd say you've done the job.

  3. "Look at the picture of that guy. Would you buy a used car from him?"

    "Doubtful, but I'd definitely buy his books."

  4. Once when I was a young man working at the NSA I had the idea to make fun of a certain middle balding guy who looked like an accountant....turned out he was a retired South African Special Forces "Recce" commander who worked as a "consultant" for a firm known as 'Executive Outcomes'.

    I quickly gained an all new respect for middle aged balding guys.

  5. Great picture! Love the leather jacket! Have a great Christmas, everybody!

  6. Great picture, John, but why are you sitting off to the side?

    Basil, I love the name "Executive Outcomes". Sounds vaguely sinister.

  7. I agree that the photo looks very authorly.

    Marry Christmas.

  8. This is the best picture of John Glistrap ever taken.

  9. I'm a little late to the party, but I really like the photo. Good luck with the book.