Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Bravery

by Clare Langley-Hawthorne

Having just spent a great Thanksgiving in LA (despite the horrible traffic) I have returned re-motivated. Why? Because my friend Charysse gave me a much needed boost. In a recent work evaluation she had to list the ten people she would most want to have at a dinner party and I was one of the chosen. While this was nice and all - it was her reason for choosing me that caused a lump to form in my throat. She said she had told her boss it was because I was one of the bravest people she knew. Now I'm no courageous Clare that's for sure - I'm terrified of heights, wimpy about woods (there's bears out there you know) and squeamish about virtually everything - but I was, in my friend's estimation, brave because I chose to 'lay it all out there' - abandoning my successful career in pursuit of a dream and risking all in the process. Her support brought tears to our eyes and it made me realize (as it was Thanksgiving after all) how thankful I am for so many things...Yes, here's where it gets soppy (and I have to admonish my fellow Killzoners - where was the obligatory 'what are we thankful for' post last week?! Hey, I adopted this country for these kinds of celebrations!)

So here's my top 5 things that I'm thankful for:

  1. My family (obviously) - you gotta love two five year old boys who manage to make it in the car to LA (and the three hour traffic jam we encountered Wednesday when we arrived) without watching even one DVD...

  2. That I still have an agent (he hasn't abandoned me yet, at least I don't think so...)

  3. That I still LOVE to write (despite the publishing industry's best efforts...)

  4. That I get such great support from friends, family, fellow writers and fans so that even in the bleakest of November moods I can see a glimmer of hope.

  5. That I finally had my hair cut.

Okay, the last one may seem trivial but believe me I needed it! I've been growing my hair all year (see New Year's resolution post) only to discover that (surprise, surprise) I hated it. Not only did my husband think it made me look older (yes, it's a miracle sometimes that we're still married) but I also never had the time to style it into any pseudo-Edwardian glory. I have to admit, as much as I might want to channel Ursula in my life, I need a maid to be able to do so...otherwise I'm just another boring old mum with her hair in a pony tail. Now, of course, post-hair cut, I'm the chic, youthful, cool mum with the gorgeous 1920's bob:)

But enough about me...what are you thankful for?

PS: In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'd also like to invite all killzoners to help out Basil Sands in his quest to name his blog radio show. He's offering $25 if you suggest the name he ends up using, and for those of you who regularly read the comments you know he is hilarious (so his show is bound to be great!). You can visit his website: for more details.


  1. Thankful for the big stuff, Clare (family, friends, freedom, etc.) But on the small front, I'm glad to have a place to put my Mac so I can make up stories.

    And for your Thanksgiving reminder. We ought never let that day pass without reflection.

  2. Wow, all the way to LA without a DVD? My kids barely make it ten miles across Anchorage without DS withdrawal.

    One thing that I and my boys are very thankful for is a wife/mommy who puts up with us and is willing to stay in Alaska for our sake.

    And thanks Clare for the shout out on the talk show. FYI- for those who saw on the site that the contest expired, that was bad data. It has been extended through the end of December. That's right, you another month to put in your entry and win $25. If you like, you can give a listen to the pilot episode directly from my webpage to get an idea what its going to be.

    Basil Sands

  3. On the small front I'm also thankful for my nice cup of tea this morning. Nothing beats it - even if it's so very English of me to admit it...Tea (and crumpets) always puts me in a writing mood - which I'm very grateful for!

  4. Sounds like great motivation Charysse gave you.

  5. Charysse made me feel like it was all worthwhile - a very nice Thanksgiving day gift indeed.